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East Coast Rides
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Av. Alcalde Juan Ramón Soto Morales, 19,
35610 Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, Las Palmas, Spain
Mon - Fri 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Sat - Sun 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any Identification?


You MUST bring your original passport or Government ID card with you. If you fail to produce one of these documents, your rental will be cancelled and you will be required to pay that day’s rental to cover the loss of earnings.

Make sure you bring your original passport or Government ID NOT A PICTURE!

Do I need a Full Bike license?


If you have had your full B car license for over 3 years, then you can ride up to a 125cc scooter or motorcycle! However, you must be at least 21 years old for our insurance.

For anything Higher than 125cc, then yes, you will need a full bike license.

Make sure you bring your original license! NOT A PICTURE!

Do you supply safety Equipment?


We supply helmets, jackets and gloves at no extra cost!

Can you drop the bike off to me at the airport or my hotel?


All bikes must be collected from our shop as we need to make sure that the provided safety equipment fits you correctly.

We're 8 mins away from the airport, by taxi.

Can I bring the bike back early?

Yes, but you WILL NOT be refunded

You are more than welcome to bring the bike back early, buy you WILL NOT be refunded for the unused days.

By booking the bike out, you are blocking other customers from that bike for those days, so a refund WILL NOT be given for early returns.

Do you rent out 50CC Mopeds?


How boring! We also don't rent out electric scooters due to various laws on the island.

... Keep in mind that others rent electric scooters for 7 hours at 70 Euros... You can get one of our bikes for 24 hours at 35 Euros ;)

What are the collection and drop off times?



*unless pre-arranged differently

What if i need different collection and drop off times?

Please contact us first!

Be sure to pre-arrange any time differences or you may be disappointed.

It's never fun when we get a call at midnight asking why the shop isn't open.

Do I have to re-fuel before drop off?


The Bikes are always provided with a full tank of fuel. Simply fill it back up before dropping back to us.

Do I have to pay a deposit?


A security deposit is pre-authorised against your credit card at collection. This is fully refunded upon safe return of the vehicle.

Phone or watch payments cannot be used for your security deposit.

Do you have any bikes that can carry 2 people?


All of our bikes have the ability to carry 2 people...but do you really want to be that close to your travel partner?

Why not just get a bike each?

Do you have any bikes that have storage?


All our 125cc bikes and scooters have a topbox included which can be used to max capacity as long as the vehicle is not over weight!

You MUST NOT, under any circumstances, carry suitcases on the motorcycles!

Do you supply Phone Mounts?


We do not supply phone mounts.

You are welcome to use your own, but at your own risk!

Any damage to the bike or handle bars due to the use of phone mounts may be taken from your security deposit!

Can I cancel my booking?


Cancellations must be made within 72 hours notice of collection day to receive a refund.

This will include a 10 Euro deduction due to bank charges.

...If you think that is bad, check out our competitors! ...7 days notice and they charge you 50%. Plus have massive limitations and hidden costs for their rentals!


ECR has going for over 25 years! We don't work on the one helmet fits all theory! You will leave here wearing the correct safety equipment!

Book with real bike fans! Not a car or RV company, jumping on the bandwagon!

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